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Metropolitan Dental Centre in Fairfax, Virginia, is proud to announce that Dr. Dan Kelliher has been licensed by the Virginia Board of Dentistry to administer Moderate Sedation. Dr. Kelliher earned the license after completing training in accordance with the guidelines of the American Dental Association and continuing education courses that included both instruction and clinical experience.

The certification allows Dr. Kelliher to cater even more to the needs of his patients, especially those with dental fears, anxieties about procedures, sensitive teeth or nervousness about dental care. Sedation dentistry is also a convenient option for patients who require multiple dental treatments or procedures in one visit. Now, thanks to Dr. Kelliher's commitment to continuing education, patients can enjoy an anxiety-free and relaxing experience in our office.

Moderate sedation produces a depressed level of consciousness in which patients may breathe independently, respond to both physical and verbal stimulation and retain their reflexes. Dr. Kelliher will administer moderate sedation orally so patients stay comfortable throughout their entire visit.

Sedation dentistry is not synonymous with sleep dentistry. Although patients may feel sleep after sedatives are administered and may not recollect much about a procedure, they are awake throughout the entire visit.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective, and Dr. Kelliher will clearly outline what is involved and expected before sedatives are administered. He will also review your medical history to ensure the appropriate sedatives are administered. Together, you will decide if sedation dentistry is right for your needs.

For any questions on sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 703.503.5031 or email us, and our staff will happy to assist you.

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