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With professional teeth whitening from our leading Fairfax Virginia cosmetic dentists, have a brighter, more dazzling smile in just one appointment!

Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. If your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be, professional teeth whitening can restore your bright beautiful smile. At Dr. Kelliher's office, we customize your tooth whitening treatment to fit your specific needs. Our office offers both Laser whitening and the new ZOOM! ® ® whitening system, allowing you to have a brighter, more dazzling smile in just one appointment. We also offer convenient tooth whitening systems for use at home.

Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening
Generally, whitening is successful in at least 90 percent of patients, though it may not be an option for everyone. Consider tooth whitening if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. Teeth that appear yellow, brown, or orange respond better to lightening. Other types of gray stains, caused by fluorosis, smoking, or tetracycline, are lightened, but results are not as dramatic and take longer to achieve.

Teeth Whitening Before & After
Before Whitening After Whitening
How is it done?
At home teeth whitening technique:
An impression is taken to make a specialized "mouthguard" or "tray". The whitening trays are custom made for your mouth and are lightweight so that they can be worn comfortably while you are awake or sleeping. Dentist supervised at-home whitening systems recommend whitening your teeth from two to four hours a day with specialized gels. Generally this type of system requires three to six weeks to complete, and works best on patients with sensitive teeth.

In office teeth whitening ZOOM! ® is a whitening system that uses a light activated gel to whiten the teeth. During the procedure all soft tissues in and around the mouth are protected. Eyewear is also worn to block the bright light. The entire procedure lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

LaserSmile combines and activation gel with the laser's unique characteristics. Ask Dr. Kelliher whether ZOOM! ® or LaserSmile would be best for you.

Over-the-counter whitening agents are available at drug stores and pharmacies but are not monitored by the dentist. Since these products can harm the gums and teeth and have lower success rates, it's better to use products that our office recommends. In order to meet and excess whitening expectations, have your dentist monitor your whitening treatment.

Learn more about teeth whitening on our 'ask the dentist' tooth whitening page.

For any dental teeth whitening related questions or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 703.503.5031 or email us, and our staff will happy to assist you.

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